Joint Ventures


Proud to be in partnership with one of the premium, innovative and intelligent indoor and outdoor
lighting solutions provider in the world, iGuzzini has its headquarters in Recanati (Italy) and operates in
more than 20 countries spread across the five continents.
Accomplishing various projects across the country, ranging from government projects such as Qatar
Rail and Ashgal to multiple showrooms and malls such as Doha Festival City and AlFardan showroom,
iGuzzuni enhances architecture and spaces while focussing on innovation and improving quality of life.
Core services of iGuzzini both locally and internationally include the production of architectural
intelligent lighting system for indoor and outdoor across areas such as Cultural venues, Hospitality &
Living, Infrastructure, Retail, Urban and Working spaces.
With over 20 projects and more ongoing, iGuzzini, along with Bin Yousef is continuously on the lookout
for exclusive projects that enhance the lifestyle and provide sustainable solutions across commercials
and private developments in Qatar.

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A relatively novel joint venture of the group, Outpost24 is one of the leading cyber assessment
company in the world, that enables customers to secure their cyber exposure before their business can
be disrupted.
This exclusive platform that provides fully stacked security assessment across various establishments
manages the day to day vulnerabilities across any organisation, allowing clients to better understand
the risk posture and cyber health of the company.
Outsource24 provides companies across the country 3 broad core services that encompass comprehensive
security services:
• Wireless/Network Security
• Web Application Security
• Cloud Security

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Grand Mall

In partnership with Grand Supermarkets across Doha, Bin Yousef aims at providing quality everyday
products for all communities across Doha.
Today Grand Retail Store represents the future of smart retailing with 64 stores spread across the Middle
East and India.
Grand Markets along with Bin Yousef are continuously exploring new market opportunities to provide
our customers a unique and innovative shopping experience.

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Delight International Movers

A joint venture of Bin Yousef Cargo, Delight International Movers is a fully licensed and insured moving
company that enables smooth and efficient packing services for relocations.
We have teams exclusively reserved for consultations, plans and executions that help us provide a
comprehensive package of highly personalized and the best moving services in Doha.
With extensive Delight networks across various parts of EU, UK, US and Asia, Delight offers
international and domestic moving services for everyone ranging from commercial establishments to
residential houses.

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